Friday, July 26, 2019


Paul & me - Aswan, Egypt, 1990
At the end of July I will bid goodbye to the day-to-day researching, writing and editing DRIVING & LIFE, and will hand that responsibility to my good friend of close to 40 years, Paul Gover.

Until recently Paul was the most senior automotive writer for News Limited in Australia, but he decided to release himself from the confines of a newspaper office and bring his skill, experience, knowledge, and his impressive Contacts List to a wider audience via the internet, podcasts and a select number of printed and online publications.

Paul has the coveted talent of being able to bring truly in-depth stories from the automotive world to DRIVING & LIFE, whether it be interviews with the auto industry’s leading CEOs; talking design with the world’s most skillful car designers; relating experiences behind the wheel of race and rally cars, or just explaining the fundamental stuff.

He can answer questions that anyone might ask about mechanicals, design, powertrains and business strategies.

July is my birthday month, and as of this year I have decided to truly retire from the frontline of writing about cars and the industry.

As I have related in a previous post, I have been a car enthusiast all of my life, and joined the automotive industry in 1977, and I think that after 42 years I will leave the focus and scrutiny of future developments to Paul Gover, who is more than capable of keeping up a high standard of connection and engagement with the automotive world, and bringing it to followers of DRIVING & LIFE.

I have always maintained that this Blog is a very personal project for me and I have only written about the things which interest me, or that I feel will have significant impact.

It has been self-indulgent, but I hope it has been enlightening and informative and I hope helped to put you in touch with the deepest levels of the industry.

Also, I have consistently said I led a charmed life among cars and the industry. As someone who received only a high school education, to have worked my way up to Board positions in three significant automotive companies, I feel I have achieved a great deal during my career, albeit it through sustained hard work.

I sincerely hope my achievements encourage other people to strive to succeed in this fascinating and volatile industry, regardless of their background.

Not only is Paul Gover a hard-working and well-connected individual, but he is an outstanding writer and a great journalist. He has a keen eye for a good story. He also has a well-tuned radar for BS, and spin, which many times over the last 40 years has landed him in trouble for telling the truth. So what?

Many times his reporting has been proven not only to be prophetic, but also deadly accurate, so I have no qualms about handing over DRIVING & LIFE to a great automotive journalist, but also a dear friend.

We meet regularly, so I will always be around to challenge him from time to time, but at 76 I think it’s a better outcome for DRIVING & LIFE to be driven by a skilled and younger professional with a lot of runs on the board, and a great deal more potential to inform and entertain in the years ahead.

Thank you for indulging me. It’s been a great ride.
John Crawford

NOTE: The Google Blogger platform is very difficult to modify, and its 'Help & Support' is virtually non-existent, so it may be some time before Driving & Life with Paul Gover makes an appearance.


  1. Paul Gover? Is that the same guy who said that Peter Brock's Energy Polarizer actually worked?

  2. I've thanked you in the past for sharing your stories and experiences on this blog and I'll do it again . . . thank you!