Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Ethereal Bentley

Rex from Norfolk, UK, spotted the piece I wrote about Frank and Leah Gabrielli’s fabulous 1926 Bentley Reserve Team Car originally owned by Captain Clive Gallop. Rex sent along this photo which he took many years ago.

Rex said: “I photographed KM2321 at the autumn VSCC race meeting at Cadwell Park race track,Lincolnshire,UK. The year was 1985 . It was photographed on Kodak infra red film, hence the 'dream like' aura. Cadwell is a very rural race track set amongst mature trees and grassland well out in the Lincolnshire countryside. It's a pleasure to walk right round the area surrounding the track . Motor racing in typical English countryside."

Thanks Rex!

To remind you, this car practiced for the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1926, but was never used in that year’s race. It now lives in San Francisco, and is well known among the North American members of the Bentley Drivers Club - as Frank and Leah love to trot out the old lady on any occasion.

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