Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Yep, it’s ‘wildest dreams’ stuff. You’re nine years old and Dad says: “Want to go and get Sushi in a sports car?”

Outside sits a lime green McLaren Spider. Is this for real?

My son Eli does get to see and experience a wide variety of cars – from the humble to the extreme, but the smile on his face as we set off to the sushi joint in the Spider says it all.

The twin exhausts bellow behind us, crackling and burbling as we drive down into Burleigh Heads, on the Queensland Gold Coast.

Well, you wouldn’t read about it. We rock up for sushi and right there in the carpark is (what?) a McLaren GT in bright orange. Too good to be true, got to get a photo of this.

Eli says it will give him plenty of brownie points at school tomorrow, but then I guess his mates are used to hearing about all the exotica he gets to ride in.

One thing that’s really important however - beyond the burbling and barking exhausts I get to teach him the right way to approach driving a car – any car.

I’m proud to say that the lessons stick with him, and I have no fear about him driving something like a McLaren Spider when he eventually gets a licence.

It’s really important to start the inculcation of good driving habits when kids are young. You can teach a lot to youngsters, who have minds like blotting paper, so you better do it responsibly.

Paul Gover

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