Sunday, March 19, 2023

Volkswagen's 'Golfie' EV? by John Crawford

Volkswagen is teasing us with yet another EV concept, based loosely on the ID3 platform. I say loosely, because the MEB platform VW used for the ID3/4 has been ‘re-arranged’ to locate the EV motor up front, and this allows much better use of the interior space.


There’s some ‘fours’ involved in VW’s plans. It’s proposed to offer 400km of range, and (in Australia at least) cost a smidge under AUD$40K, and it may be here in 2024.

This styling concept looks very Golf-like – which I think would make it immediately popular with VW tragics – and this would be no bad thing. Nothing’s confirmed of course, but VW has a huge budget for EVs which it hopes will wipe Tesla off its ‘competitors’ map’.


The cabin is clean and simple, with the usual ‘horizontal iPad’ in the centre of the dash.

This concept is obviously a two-door, hatch but naturally there’s a five door planned for final production – whenever!

If you read my blatherings regularly, I'm very skeptical about EVs saving the world, but as EV designs go, I'd buy this one.


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