Friday, June 9, 2023


As Jaguar heads, apparently, toward a future range of ‘exclusive’ battery electric vehicles, global Jaguar enthusiasts will be keen not only to see the whole proposition, but certainly what the mooted Jaguar 'GT sedan' will look like.


At this stage, it’s a case of “Who knows?” because that secret lies deep inside Design Chief Gerry McGovern’s brain.

However, there were some encouraging words this past month from JLR’s new CEO, Adrian Mardell. 

Apparently Mr. Mardell joined Jaguar more than three decades ago, when the star of the range was the venerable 1981 XJ6.


He has been quoted as saying: “This was something that’s “very personal” and “unfinished business” for him, having originally joined Jaguar 32 years ago.

“The Jaguar of 32 years ago is where we’re going back to and the right place for us to be." Wow!

Mardell acknowledged that JLR had been “quiet” over the past couple of years as it battled several key global challenges faced by the whole industry, most notably semiconductor chip supply.

However, presumably with the supply chains freeing up, and JLR making bucket loads of cash from its three SUV ranges the go-ahead for the new Jaguars has now been granted.

The future for the marque, at this stage, may be foggy, but at least it sounds like a car with a Jaguar badge (and hopefully, the Leaper) will emerge from Gaydon in the next three years!

I can hardly wait!


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