Thursday, April 14, 2011

Falcon Hits The Wall!

I will make a bold prediction. After the ‘refreshment’ of the current Falcon in 2012, there will be no more Australian-designed-engineered or built Falcons. There simply isn’t a business case for investing a single dollar in a new Australian-made big car – especially with Alan Mulally’s ‘One Ford’ project gaining strength. Especially with Falcon sales continuing to fall like a lead weight.

This week’s announcement by Ford APA Engineering Chief, Jim Baumbick, reported in Go-Auto, that: “My single focus down here has been to meld Ford’s Australian operations into the global One Ford network, while leveraging the Aussie team’s talent, experience and expertise.” puts the final nail in Falcon’s coffin for my money!
Ford Australia-engineered Figo

After the local team’s great work on the Figo small car for India, the Ranger ute for Asia and the new Territory, Ford Head Office wants to ensure all this talent is directed into future products that MAKE money, not lose it! There is no doubting the depth of experience and expertise at Broadmeadows and Geelong, and Ford Motor Company is showing great judgement in keeping it fully-employed.
Ford Australia-engineered Ranger

That also means it will not spend any effort and energy on another time-wasting, money-sapping Aussie Falcon. Already Ford Australia diplomatically announced that the four cylinder turbo Falcon was on indefinite hold – it’s my belief that this concept bombed badly in clinics, and with many dealers.

Ford Australia-engineered Territory
 Imagine these scenarios? Anyone thinking of buying a four cylinder turbo would look at the Falcon four-pot, and just ‘see’ a big car. Traditional Falcon buyers won’t touch it because it sullies the image bred by V8 SuperCar racing, and also, it doesn’t make any sense – at all. Plus, fuel economy and performance disappears once you hitch up the boat trailer or caravan.

New Territory, which I think is a brilliant effort, could continue without Falcon, even though there’s a lot of common parts, but there are so many reasons why soldiering on with Falcon is a dumb idea.

Get used to an All Wheel Drive Taurus with a Falcon badge – Falcon fans have to get their kicks with some genuine Detroit iron.

The Down Under division is NOT 'The Falcon Motor Company of Australia'- it's a 'part' of Ford and it should play the most effective part it can. Designing and engineering profitable vehicles.

You read it here first!

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