Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Truly GRAND Tour!

After a comfortable 3,456 kilometres behind the wheel of our Renault Megane cDi hatch we turned the car in at Charles de Gaulle airport and added up the Gazole consumed over 20 days vacationing through Italy and France.

I was delighted to find that 158.8 liters (at an average price of  1.43 Euros/litre) came out to an amazing fuel economy figure of 4.59 litres/100km!

All the time on autostradas and autoroutes we mostly cruised at the maximum speed (110km/h in Italy; 130km/h in France), although I will admit to a few occasions above the limit, so we didn't exactly coast along. The rest of the time was spent on regional roads, with a lot of gear-changing.

The Megane's trunk swallowed our two 62cm bags, and assorted hand luggage with ease, and at no time did we exit the car feeling stiff and sore, even after the longest stretches.

Since the retirement of Renault's famed designer, Patrick Le Quement (responsible for cars like the Twingo, Vel Satis and the previous, bustle-backed Megane) I think Renault exterior designs have become more homogenous, lacking the individuality which Patrick's pen lavished on his babies.

However, the current Megane is well-built, stylish, very economical and thoroughly reliable. It was a joy to drive, and I'd heartily recommend it to anyone.

Megane in the Abruzzo region of central Italy

More later on the Grand Tour. after I've downloaded, sorted and edited my 830 photos!

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