Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grounded Celebrities

During my time with Bentley Motors North America I was fortunate to meet a number of film stars, sporting heroes and well-known celebrities, but three stand out as being totally-grounded people - easy to talk to, pleasant to be with and generally, no-BS sort of people.

I very much admired James Garner, who sadly passed away on July 19, just one month shy of his 58th wedding anniversary from a massive heart attack. He was 86.

We went along to a photo shoot at Riverside Raceway Willow Springs in 2002, and Jim was great fun to be with. He laughed, joked, and told some great stories.

Unfortunately the promo campaign we had in mind never eventuated, but I saved one photo showing the star of the movie 'Grand Prix' and a Bentley Continental T coupe.

Next on my list of straight shooters is Kim Cattrall. We had an arrangement for her to act as an ambassador for Bentley Motors over two summers, and she would drive a Bentley GT out to her house in the Hamptons on weekends. I know that this exercise sold cars!

She also attended a number of media events with us. She is smart, beautiful, easy-going and a very elegant lady.

During a trip to the UK the Bentley Motors London-based chauffeur, Tom, fell completely in love with Kim as he wheeled her around town, and she was happy to have photos taken with him for his scrapbook. Then she grabbed his peaked cap and posed as a chauffeur. Don't worry though, she is a really good driver!

Also notable for commonsense, astute business acumen, and of course great beauty, is Cindy Crawford, who we photographed at Bentley Beverly Hills when she took delivery of her black Continental GT coupe.

She and her husband Rande Gerber are a fun couple and they make a great team. When you call their house one or other will answer the phone - no maids or flunkies to intercept their calls!


  1. Riverside International Raceway closed in 1988 and was demolished over a period of a few years as housing, shopping mall, and industrial park development took place on the site. By 2002, there was next to nothing left of the place. That pic must have been taken somewhere else.

  2. You're right, I'm wrong. It was Willow Springs.

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