Thursday, February 4, 2016


Every so often I like to trawl through my photo library and haul out some memorable cars I've snapped along the way. I have been attending the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance since 1991, and every year brings lots of special automotive moments to savour. Whether it's design, engineering, accessories, the quirky or the commonplace, it's always interesting.

Here's a small selection from 2009.

Buick was one of the Honoured Marques in 2009, so the caretakers of the Buick collection in Detroit brought a variety of old concept cars. They were brash, bold and beautiful.

There are always special classes for Ferraris, you can guarantee something you've never seen before will turn up.

This owner had the right idea for a mobile drinks cabinet! Just five flutes, 'cause it's a five-seater!

This was the first appearance of Chrysler's 300C, now one of Chrysler's most commercially-successful cars ever!

Even lapdogs like a day out with lovely cars.

Ital Design showed Giugiaro's original Alfa Romeo Brera concept.

You can always be assured of seeing a special Bugatti or two.

Bob Lutz made sure GM brought along his Cadillac 16 concept car.

This 16 cylinder Maserati was the same idea from a different era.

The GM concept collection contributed a curvaceous Corvette.

This Bentley was prepared for any eventuality.

The futuristic Phaeton from Chrysler sits just across the lawn from Volkswagen's modern day use of the name.

The lovely Lincoln Zephyr droptop from 1930.

They don't make 'em like they used to!

The Command & Control Cockpit, note the laquered timber tool box, or was that for goggles and gloves?

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