Thursday, April 25, 2019


A panel of 86 prominent motoring journalists from 24 countries, including two from Australia, has just voted Suzuki’s iconic Jimny to be the best urban car in the world.

Suzuki Jimny Chief Engineer Hiroyuki Yonezawa + Trophy

Winning four of the eight judging criteria categories to take out the World Urban Car title, the 2019 Jimny also was one of three highest scorers in the World Car Design of the Year category, and also was rated as one of the best 10 cars in the world outright.

It is the third year in a row that a Suzuki has been judged to be one of the top three in the world in the urban car category that considers a car’s suitability for cities, which are becoming increasingly crowded. 

Last year the Suzuki Swift was a finalist, and the year before that, the Suzuki Ignis.

Now, I happen to think the Jimny IS a superb overall design, combining small size, sensible and practical interior, great interior carrying capacity for its size, and quite amazing off-road capabilities.

However, I’m still a little surprised that World Car of the Year judges saw this little off-roader as an ‘urban car’.

It’s true that its off-road capability challenges some of the legends of all terrain motoring, with its uncanny ability to traverse trackless terrain, but I think its very basic and non-fancy appeal appears to be the right recipe for urban drivers. 

I wouldn’t have thought that was the case, whilst I was driving it, but there you go. A new paradigm for urban motoring!

Well done, Suzuki! Again!

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