Saturday, February 25, 2012

Portfolio - The Cape from the Air

PORTFOLIO is to be a selection from the masses of photos residing on my hard drive. They remind me of great cars, great people and great events. When I look at them, it's a joyful reminiscence, and in the next few posts I will endeavour to unearth some which have been hidden from my view for far too long.

In 2002 Bentley Motors launched the new Arnage T saloon to the world's media in and around Capetown, South Africa. I've previously written about the event, but the most memorable experience happened on the last day, organised by our European PR Manager at the time, Jean-Philippe Coulaud.

Leaving the restaurant after the final lunch, we were flown to the international airport by helicopter from the grounds of the restaurant, on the outskirts of Capetown.

Two helicopters lifted our party up and out to sea, to enable some great photos of the coast line and notable sights.

Capetown, and Table Mountain

This is a great shot of Seal Rocks, and shortly after this we all missed the shot of the day. As the pilot turned back out to sea to head for Cape Point, below us a Southern Right Whale (roughly 15 metres long) was cruising on the surface, however as the pilot descended for us to capture this magnificent sight, the whale (sensing the downdraft from the rotors) suddenly dived vertically and was swiftly out of sight.

I offer a view of what we missed from the Google Image Library.

Then we hovered over Cape Point, which is a promontory at the south-east of the Cape Peninsular. The Cape of Good Hope is on the south-western edge. Interestingly neither one is the southernmost tip of Africa. That honour goes to Cape Agulhas, which is further to the south and southeast of the Cape Peninsular.

Cape Point, and the Cape of Good Hope


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