Sunday, February 26, 2012

Portfolio - Azure Como

In 2006 Bentley Motors hosted media groups at the spectacular Villa Passalaqua on the western shore of Lago di Como, for the launch of the new Bentley Azure convertible. The villa has a long history of famous occupants, both owners and renters, and its position above Lake Como commands a fantastic view of one of Italy's most beautiful lakes.

Just down the hill is the village of Moltrasio, which is where actor George Clooney has his gorgeous villa.

The group enjoyed cocktails on the terrace overlooking the lake, and then a sumptuous dinner served in the villa's kitchen by the chef.

It was fairly simple and honest Italian cuisine, the difference is that it was prepared with passion, enjoyed with good company, and that combination made it taste just that much better.

Next morning we departed on the car ferry to Varenna and an inspiring drive, planned by my good friend Emanuele Bedetti, through the Italian and Swiss Alps to St. Moritz.

The ferry captain took personal charge of the unloading of the Bentley Azure convertibles.

Then, it was a great drive back to the villa for another terrific Italian meal.


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