Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exotic Fast Fours!

I don't know whether the world is really rising from the ashes of the GFC, or if we're still stumbling along the road to recovery, but a few of the world's exotic carmakers seem to think the rich are ready for a new 'toy' - an expensive four-seater luxury car.

Just look at what's around, and what may be coming.

First up, a real production car, one you can buy right now - the sexy, subtle and super-smooth Aston Martin Rapide, designed by my good friend Marek Reichman. 

This has got to be one of the best looking four-seat sports cars ever to drift off the motor show concept stand and onto our roads.

What can you say? Marek has captured the essence of Aston Martin's sporting style, married it to a little  more practicality and when one glides down the road toward you, you have to look twice to pick it's a four door. Fabulous!

These photos were taken by the company photographer in Italy, probably the grounds of the Villa d'Este.

Next comes a car I've been expecting for some time - the Bugatti Galibier. Now that the final Veyron two-seat coupes have been produced, and almost all the open Gran Sports are spoken for, Bugatti has to top that with a luxurious four-seater, and this is a great design.

The pricetag will be something you can't jump over, but in true Bugatti fashion I'm sure the performance will be appropriate.

Then there's another one you can order now, Bentley's graceful Mulsanne. This is the car which has ensured Bentley maintains its credentials as the premier maker of big, fast and beautiful saloons. You can order bespoke finish, and the company will deliver your choice, with a custom pricetag to match.

Lamborghini teased us with the Estoque four-door concept car a couple of years ago, but it's now wavering on a decision to produce it. Automobili Lamborghini is run by Audi, and the Germans are keeping a tight rein on the development budgets and making sure they don't make any more cars than they can sell - but this is a great design, and I'm sure it would find buyers, easily.

Whilst it's not a four-door, the new Ferrari FF is a full four-seater, and having sampled it a couple of weeks ago in Sydney, it's a breathtaking piece of design from Maranello. 

The first thing you have to say is, it's huge, but it has a very unique four-wheel-drive system, superb weight balance between front and rear, and just the thing to take to the snowfields for some schussing!

If you had to take friends out to dinner, I guarantee that if you turned up in any one of these cars the valet parking dude would let you park it right out front of the restaurant, all night, for nothing!

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