Sunday, January 4, 2015


"Dear Santa,
You know I LOVE my Alfa Romeo 159, and have no thoughts of replacing it anytime soon, but a good friend in New York has told me what a fabulous driving experience he has just enjoyed in a Tesla Model S 60 (base model).

If you could start working on it now, that's what I would like to see in my garage next Xmas. Note: It's only 30cm longer than the 159, so it will fit perfectly!
Thank you,

Lest you think I am backtracking on all the nasty things I have said about pure Battery Electric vehicles (BEVs) in this Blog for the last few years, I do consider the Tesla Model S not only a truly innovative and refreshing design, but also a genuinely great drive experience.

Given its production capacity limitations the Tesla is never going to threaten Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in absolute volume terms, but what it is doing is infiltrating the mind and soul of luxury car buyers.

When you get up close, you can truly appreciate the fit and finish, design innovations, and the overall quality of the car.

Even the price is attractive, because in the USA Tesla bundles the purchase with a number of re-charging options and service backup, to create a great ownership experience.

The Tesla is a genuine innovation, and shows what a brilliant thinker its creator, Elon Musk, is - and how a guy with no car industry baggage to haul around has been able to beat car companies on their own ground, by thinking, creating, and doing things differently.

Anytime a conventional luxury car executive pooh-poohs the Tesla, you can rest assured it's just jealousy talking.  Yes, the pricetag reserves Tesla ownership for a privileged few; but if you can afford it, get one.

You not only streak to the top of the pyramid of early-adopters, but you will love the driving experience.

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  1. The Model S 60 looks gorgeous in the photo, and that is certainly the color I want.