Friday, January 16, 2015


We have long enjoyed a love affair with La Belle France and visited many times, but the most recent saw us enjoying an early dinner in a Parisian sidewalk cafe on the Place de la Republic, near the site of the recent Islamist atrocity.

Sadly, the French have gradually allowed a dangerous erosion of their cultural values with a laizzez faire approach to multiculturism. The explosion of Muslim residents around Paris has set up the City of Light for even more such atrocities, unless the government begins to grapple with the huge youth unemployment issue, and stimulates infrastructure growth in affected areas, rather than turning a blind eye and hoping the problem will go away.

Ensuring new citizens and residents assimilate into the country's culture rather than demand it change to suit them should also be high on the list of priorities. Better late than never!

Vive la Paris, Vive la France!

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