Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hacking into a car's computer system is a real threat. It's been done. The first evidence came when a hacker interferred with a Jeep Cherokee and began over-riding its internal systems.

The FBI has issued warnings to the U.S. Federal Government to start thinking about legislating for car companies to build in more protection against hacking.

So, before we start blathering about self-driving, autonomous cars, let's solve the real time problems with today's cars. Just look at the computer-controlled systems:

Many experts have warned that more computer-control in cars opens the door to poorly-resolved, faulty, or malware affected software, and hacking.

Car thieves in the USA have begun stealing cars using laptops. This is a much more serious problem than it appears, because there is virtually no protection from hackers.

Two firms, Israel-based KARAMBA SECURITY and San Francisco startup VOYOMOTIVE have begun developing anti-hack apps and software firewalls, which involve two-factor authentication to foil hacking.

I fear there's more to come on this subject.


  1. I'm beginning to see that there will never be a sure fire way of protecting a computer from hacks. I mean, short of having government level encryption on our regular every day car systems, I don’t think we stand a chance against someone who WANTS to hack into a car computer.

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