Monday, February 27, 2017


Driving through California for 14 days could be just the thing to rev up old bones and young minds.

An Aussie called Dave Thomas has begun putting together Driving Adventures which operates on a very simple recipe.

The cost is AUD$15,000 for two people and a car. 

That includes all accommodation, and a cooked breakfast every morning; a pre-programmed SatNav; route book; and Dave Thomas as the Tour Leader.

All you have to do is rent a car, and turn up. There are ten places available on the next tour, between May 13-27, and it includes most of the high points you’d want to experience in California and surrounding states.

Renting is easy, for example a Mustang from Budget for two weeks would be about AUD$1,500.

You have to factor in air fares, fuel, lunch and dinner and any other extras; but it sounds like a great way to enjoy a fantastic driving route, with like-minded compadres, and all the loose ends nicely tied up.

You can check it out at

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