Saturday, September 8, 2018


I’ve long been impressed with Skoda’s evolving design language, as well as being impressed with the quality and versatility of its current model range. In my opinion there could not be a better adjective to use, for Skoda’s Superb – it is just that.

Of course Skoda design is part of the Volkswagen design department, but there is no doubt the Czech division has established its own direction.

The Vision C concept shown in 2014 (above) is destined to replace the Superb.

And, now comes a design concept for a replacement for the Rapid sedan/hatch, revealed as the Vision RS.

The Vision RS will be built on VW's MQB AO platform which underpins the Polo; but the Rapid replacement will be lined up alongside the Toyota Corolla.

Mostly the final production version can’t remain totally faithful to the fanciful concept sketches produced by the designers, but somehow Skoda seems to be able to inject its unique flavor into the final product.

A 'hot' Vision RS is also aimed directly at the Golf GTi. Its interior looking almost as futuristic as the exterior.
Also, consistent with VW Group policy, Skoda will offer an electric vehicle, based on the Vision E concept.
Having spent some time in Prague recently, it's not just loyalty to the Czech Republic's 'Home Brand' which sees the streets massing with Skodas of all sizes.

The owners rave about their choices - especially the Octavia RS, which is also reflected in the sales stats.

Like Australian's, Czechs like their cars 'hot'.

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