Thursday, July 25, 2019


This really is the last thing I will post about the epic 1977 Singapore Airlines London To Sydney Car Rally.

Hans Tholstrup and I, and our three mechanics who were our service crew in the Leyland Terrier truck, finished the 30,000km rally in one piece thanks to Hans' detailed and meticulous planning, and strong team discipline. For Hans and I, and our mechanics - Doug Francis, Barry Allen and Allen Hausler, we were all very glad to see the Sydney Opera House.

My dear friend and work colleague at JRA Limited, Owen Peake, found this ad, which was placed in the Sydney Morning Herald in October 1977, to boost sales of the ubiquitous Mini Moke.

Thanks Owen. We had a close, and a terrific working relationship, and he looked after JRA's relations with the Melbourne automotive journalists very well, on my behalf. 

However, I think he achieved that result via quite a number of lunches at the Melbourne Oyster Bar! I know this, because I counter-signed his expense reports!

NOTE: For the record, the Moke finished in 35th place; and the Terrier truck in 33rd place. The Moke had a few small issues which cost us time, but the truck performed faultlessly powered by the V8 engine originally developed for the Leyland P76 sedan!

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