Monday, July 1, 2019


This one slipped by me back in 2014. It’s a product of a team of student designers harnessed by Skoda Design, known as the Design Akademie.

This is the Citijet, based on Skoda’s micro hatch, the Citigo, with a one litre, 55kW three cylinder petrol engine.

It was the very first project completely designed and built by the student designers, although they eschewed the four seats in the micro hatch, opting for a basic two-seater concept.

If this was available I’d be putting my name down, except that like many dreamy concepts, this one is not all that practical for the sub-tropical Gold Coast – as it’s minus a roof – so it’s only for sunny days.

The student lineup changes every two years, but the new faces followed up the initial 2014 project every year with a range of wild ideas, based on topless recreation vehicles, and even an off-road pickup this year called the Mountiaq.

I have always admired the inventive, innovative and very good-looking vehicles which emerge from Skoda Design, and its encouragement of budding Czech Republic designers is one explanation why this division of the Volkswagen Group, manages to stay ahead of the design curve.

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