Wednesday, November 10, 2021


If the latest press release from Jaguar Land Rover Australia means what I think is ‘between the lines’, then NO!


This shock comes straight from m. Bolloré (the Frenchman who now runs JLR).

“La Jaguar F va mouirir” (The Jaguar F-type is dead”).

This week’s breathless announcement from Down Under may be world-leading news, because I haven’t seen the latest changes to the F-type range announced anywhere else in Jaguar’s global markets.


Gone are all the Ingenium-powered models, and the Jaguar F-type will be available in two forms – coupé and convertible with just one engine in two guises – the magnificent supercharged 5.0L V8!

There will be virtually no options list, but the F-type will come equipped with a range of add-ons to justify price increases to protect profit margins. There will be only three models.


The Jaguar R-dynamic will come as a coupé and convertible (the R-Dynamic P450) with power output of 331kW and rear wheel drive; whilst the fire-breathing F-Type R coupé will offer 423kW, and all-wheel-drive.


How can I be so sure? I’ve been in the car industry for 40 years, and this decision to dump the Ingenium engines, and simplify the range strongly suggests ‘clearing the decks’ before the Jaguar F-type est mort!


As I said with prices ranging from AUD$160K to AUD$265K, this is a very efficient way to slim down the complexity of Jaguar’s complicated options offerings; protect margins; and watch as production and sales trickle down to zero.

Before being replaced by a Jaguar EV sports car!


Thierry Bolloré’s ‘Re-Imagine’ plans are guaranteed to change Jaguar’s image, offerings and potential more than at anytime in the Leaper’s 99-year history.

I just hope TATA GROUP is very confidant that this latest strategy switch will work to keep life in the brand.

John Crawford

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