Tuesday, April 5, 2022


I think Tesla's Head of Design, Franz Holzhausen, must have been away from the design studio when Elon and the team signed off the Tesla Model 3.

It arrived on the market, minus a 'face'!

The treatment on the Model S is simple, tasteful, and at least gives it some personality.

The Model 3 by comparison looks completely Blah!

 At least the aftermarket is looking after owners who want to freshen the look of their favourite EV. This alternative from Temple Performance in Atlanta would be my choice.

Tesla is going from strength to strength despite the doomsayers in the car industry. The Model 3 is the number one EV in Australia by a long way. But wait, there's more!

In the first quarter of 2022 Tesla delivered 310,000 vehicles, up from 185,000 a year earlier. That's a 70% increase, and comes off the back of Tesla delivering one million vehicles in 2021.

But there's something distinctly tantalising coming from Tesla next year - the long awaited roadster. Here's a preview:

When I look at what Elon Musk has achieved with Space-X, and Tesla, you have to be impressed with his drive, energy, imagination and foresight. He has completely disrupted the global car market, and sent the established carmakers off on a merry chase to match Tesla's success.

John Crawford

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