Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Following the 'Palladian Trail'

Andrea Palladio - Architetto

Just west of Venezia you'll find one of the most fascinating of driving tours in northern Italy. Many local companies offer tours which follow a trail of fabulous villas designed and built by the famous architect Andrea Palladio.

If you base yourself in either Padova or Vicenza, you will be right in the heart of the area, which extends as far to the west as Valpolicella.

We have stayed in Vicenza at the excellent Hotel Campo Marzio.

Palladio was a very smart marketer as well as an architect with a grand vision.

He undertook the construction of a 'facade' for the town hall in Vicenza, which was so successful his career took off.
Town Hall, Vicenza
He received many commissions for villas large and small. Not all of the villas I'm including here are 'on the tour', but they do represent a good sampling of his work.

The Villa del Doge near Treviso is one of my favourites.

As is the famous Villa Rotonda, close to Vicenza.

Then there's the smaller La Serenella near Valpolicella.

Andrea's name is associated today with 'Palladian Windows' which are famous for their curved top, but his work from the 16th century is magnificent, and if you're in the Veneto region, not to be missed.

*QUICK TRIPS suggestions presume you have access to your own personal transport, but in this instance there are tours which use coaches to follow the trail.


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