Sunday, May 10, 2015


Facing more disappointments than he could ever have imagined being the case at Red Bull, a recent interview on the F1 website reveals Daniel Ricciardo is far from down and out.

His trademark grin is matched by an extremely positive and realistic attitude toward Red Bull's run of troubles as they try to keep up with Mercedes, and now, Ferrari.

Ricciardo says his team is absolutely dedicated to clawing back some advantage, and whilst he doesn't expect massive change in the power output of his Renault engine, Daniel is confident that chassis tweaks and further aero work will help him on the long climb back to podium positions.

I think Daniel Ricciardo must not only be a breath of fresh air at Red Bull, but his unfailing positive and constructive frame of mind must be very welcome among the team - after their previous number one driver did nothing but complain, loudly and bitterly, when things didn't go as planned.

Daniel deserves a break, but don't expect Mercedes and Ferrari to hand him any advantages. Locked in battle the German and Italian teams are providing exciting racing, and now the F1 circus is back in Europe, I expect to see some excellent contests.

I only hope Daniel Ricciardo gets amongst it!

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