Monday, May 25, 2015


There'll be at least two very angry F1 drivers this morning as they reflect on what might have been in the Monaco Grand Prix.


Race leader Lewis Hamilton had a handy 25s lead by Lap 64, when the Safety Car was deployed, and Mercedes called him in for a precautionary pitstop for new tyres. Hamilton complied thinking that Nico Rosberg and Sebastien Vettel would do the same. They didn't!

Rosberg took his third Monaco victory in a row, and Vettel finished second for a great win for Ferrari. Hamilton came 3rd, no doubt grinding his teeth!

Our Australian boy wonder, Daniel Ricciardo (who started from 4th) muscled his way up to the leading group, but on the final lap Red Bull's Christian Horner, ordered Daniel to allow teammate Kvyat to move ahead and take fourth place, leaving Daniel in 5th. Force India scored welcome points with Sergio Perez finishing 7th.

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