Monday, June 29, 2015

ALFA ROMEO'S NEW GIULIA - Replacement for 159 and BMW M3 competitor!

The first of eight new Alfa Romeos has been revealed at the Alfa Romeo museum at Arese, near Milan, in a tightly-controlled media event.

The only model shown, the Giulia Quadrifolgio, intended as a BMW M3 competitor, is fitted with a Ferrari-massaged 500hp twin turbocharged V6!

Very few details were revealed, but much was made of the Giulia's lightweight materials and impressive power-to-weight ratio.

The car will extensively employ carbon fibre and aluminium, keeping the weight down to 1500kg. The hood, driveshaft and roof will be composite, as will the rear suspension cross beam. Aluminium is used on the doors, front wings, external mirrors and the front suspension.
Note: Start Button on the steering wheel

RHD rear wheel drive models will be launched first in the UK in September 2016.

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