Tuesday, July 25, 2017


While the automotive industry and the global legislators rush to embrace self-driving cars, a website in the UK posits that there may be more than just a few annoyances attached to autonomous driving. Regtransfers.co.uk sees a lot of elements lined up to upset the apple cart of conformity.
Here's their Top Five:

LINK: https://www.regtransfers.co.uk/content/five-ways-autonomous-cars-will-drive-wall/

If this list doesn't make you think twice about pushing the button on self-driving cars, then nothing will.

No doubt there will be many more unintended consequences, and lots of tears before bedtime, for everyone involved. Can you imagine our elected politicians (experts at nothing but talking) dealing with it?

To be fully trouble-free is going to take years, and millions of taxpayer funds, plus a lot of re-education - I think I'm glad I'll probably be looking down on this chaos; either that or I will be holed up at home getting the groceries delivered by an autonomous truck!

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  1. Great phrase, "unintended consequences", but todays world is influenced more and more by social science graduates whose knowledge of the real world is questionable.

    Those who think they know best are enthralled by the possibility of driverless cars and will be equally appalled by the "unexpected consequences" caused by their over enthusiasm for the possibilities of absolute control of all automotive movement.