Wednesday, May 2, 2018


In past months I have written about the corporate demise of three outstanding automotive executives – guys who were vastly experienced, with vision, foresight, and the resolve to get a difficult job done.

All three were forced out because their plans, however commendable, were just too out-there for conservative and conventional companies to tolerate. Even if, in the long term those plans delivered sustainable sales and profits.

To remind you, they were Cadillac’s Johan de Nysschen; Nissan Australia’s Richard Emery and Renault Australia’s Justin Hocevar. I admired all three for their skill set, determination, pragmatism, and willingness to persevere.

Now, I want to switch gears and highlight another man who represents all those qualities, and whom I hope gets to stay in the job, because he is the right man, at the right time – for France.

That man is French President Emmanuel Macron, who this week arrived in Australia to meet with our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull – who is also an impressive individual.

I hope both the Right and the Left wings of French politics can put aside their petty squabbles and private agendas and get behind Macron. In my humble opinion he is the best man to not only create a prosperous, harmonized and potentially-great France for the future, but he also earns my respect for qualities so far unmentioned in press reports about his presidency.

Emmanuel Macron is a wealthy man in his own right, thanks to his skill and experience, but since he has been in office he and his wife Brigitte, pay FROM THEIR OWN POCKET for many of the so-called ‘luxuries of office’ – such as their airline travel, their clothes, their personal transport, and many day-to-day items which you may expect to be paid for by the State.

In my mind this separates Macron from the usual herd of politicians who can’t wait to get their noses in the trough, and yes, even many of our own Australian politicians are guilty of this disgusting trait.

Macron is a ‘pure centrist’ and his vision for a prosperous France may not coincide with those who harbor selfish agendas, but if he and his party can remain in power with the support of both the government and the people I think we will see a bold, impressive and socially-responsible France rise to the top of world politics.

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