Saturday, February 16, 2019


With all this hoo-haa about Holden's future - whether with GM or Inchcape, spare a thought for Australian and New Zealand's Holden dealers.

All these dealer principals have invested big time, with money and loyalty, to Holden, and sure, over the years - beginning with Holden's original market dominance to its fading from the Top Five, the dealers have made good money.

However, like all carmakers, GM insists that they keep investing in their dealerships, and naturally, every time the corporate identity changes, dealers have to stump up more money to retain their franchise.

Especially think about dynamic Gold Coast father and son dealers, Warren and Wade von Bibra. The duo recently took over Surfers City Holden, closing down the Southport showroom, and moving it to their 'Auto Village' in the Gold Coast suburb of Robina.

How do you reckon they feel, having just taken over representing Holden?

If the international machinations between GM, Inchcape and Groupe PSA result in the decimation of the Holden brand, it will cost General Motors big money to settle with a lot of highly professional, but very disgruntled business men.

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