Thursday, February 21, 2019


Whilst TESLA proudly advertises its ‘LUDICROUS MODE’ the same could be said for the latest Porsche 911 GT3 RS, because anytime you floor the throttle hang on for a wild ride.

Even in ‘Comfort’ setting the GT3 ducks and dives across uneven surfaces as it accelerates, so you must ensure you keep a good grip on the tiller, eyes on the road, and increase the sensitivity levels in your bum, for what’s happening between the rubber and the road.

A road car? You can’t be serious? Sure it’s wearing registration plates, offers air conditioning and a decent audio system – but after you’ve ticked off those items, check out the roll cage, the massive fire extinguisher in the passenger footwell and the six-point racing harness.

The track is this car’s intended milieu, but even then, with all this racing hardware, this car is not a serious racer.

Sure, if you go to Track Days you’ll enjoy throwing it around the circuit, but don’t be surprised if some of your competitors have cars that weigh less than the 1430kg weight package of the car in these photos – having removed the comfort items – and are putting in faster lap times.

However, if you simply want a road-registered Porsche with a great performance package for the occasional foray into competition, then this car will suit you perfectly.

But, if you just drive it in the burbs, with an occasional trip to the country, this car will drive you crazy. The exhaust both booms and burbles, the differential makes its own quaint sounds, the brakes squeal, and the 7-speed PDK has a mind of its own.

Also, after you’ve blasted off down the road, you’ll then have to explain yourself to the Highway Patrol – especially if your car is wearing the ‘Lizard Green and Black’ colour scheme of the test car.

Ludicrous? Yes, but ridiculous too, unless you’re brave enough to buy it and parade this racy Porsche in front of your social circle.

You can tell them that it’s the most powerful GT 3 Porsche yet released, with a naturally-aspirated flat-six which develops 383kW (514hp) at the 9000 redline.

The 7-speed dual clutch (the only transmission offered) is slick and competent, but when you’re attempting an overtaking move, it will suddenly shift down three ratios and the next thing you know it’s blasting past the car in front at warp speed.

Keep your eyes open for the speed cameras, or, rather, your heart sinks if you pass one at a ludicrous speed.

Sitting in the cabin, you could almost believe it’s just a regular road-going Porsche 911, but once you’ve powered-up, it’s obvious this is a serious performance car from one of the world’s most respected sports car marques.

Check out the pricing sheet for the options, and after you’ve applied a tissue to your crying eyes, remember if you want track day performance in a Porsche Package, this is what it costs.

I’m grateful for the chance to drive it, but unless you intend to use it for Track Days, who else would spend – wait for it – AUD$489,350 on just a car for commuting? 

Ludicrous? Maybe for some people.

However, after my fabulous drive in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, it puts the price of that car in perspective - and, personally, I'd much rather spend AUD$299,950 on the Brit, than almost AUD$500,000 on the Porsche racer.