Monday, June 10, 2019


Looks like Hiroto Saikawa had a secret accomplice in the ending of moves to merge Renault with FCA.

FCA's Chairman, John Elkann!

Revealing a complete lack of understanding of the cultural sensitivites which are an important element at the heart of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, young Elkann, figured he didn't have to worry what Nissan thought of the merger plans.

He would leave it up to Renault to sort those out.

One of Carlos Ghosn's most impressive traits was the way he handled those cultural sensitivities between the French and Japanese allies.

Ghosn has great respect for the ancient culture of Japan, and always ensured he managed the partners delicately. That was until Saikawa turned renegade.

As reported in the global media, when John Elkann found out that either Renault was unable to talk Nissan into getting happy about the deal; or believing that, naturally, Renault would welcome FCA's advances, Elkann spat the dummy.

Elkann called Senard, CEO of Renault, and said "The deal's off" and promptly hung up the phone

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  1. GREAT work by Elkann, the game plan all along was get in bed with PSA. JOB DONE! Renault was just a step to get there