Monday, December 1, 2014

It's Official - Ford Australia Withdraws from V8 Supercars

"Ford Australia have announced they will pull out of V8 Supercars at the end of the 2015 season.
Ford confirmed on Monday they would provide support to teams racing Falcons next year, but would not renew any funding from 2016.
The news ends months of speculation after Ford, factory backed flagship team Ford Performance Racing (FPR) and V8 Supercars held talks on ways to keep the manufacturer involved in the category."
Well, duh!
Driving and Life revealed this outcome on October 12, 2014 -  because this Blog not only has impeccable sources, but a prescient understanding of commercial reality.
Mind you, 'Blind Freddie' could have also predicted the decision. Any mention about "FPR and V8 Supercars continuing talks on the marque's decision, etc. etc." is pure window-dressing.
Ford Australia indicated (in its decision communicated to V8 Supercars) the continuing cost was not one it was 'willing to bear' given its decision to withdraw from local manufacturing, thereby deciding the fate of the V8 Falcon.
Should the company have really wanted to continue, it could probably have mounted a fibreglass Mondeo or Mustang shape as a silhouette body on the current car's chassis to continue its involvement, but as with all things of this magnitude it all comes down to how promotional dollars are spent, and Ford Australia could see there was no commercial return from its continued inclusion in the V8 Supercar Series.
PS: Can't resist noting the reprehensible journalism in action with the announcement, which should read: "Ford Australia HAS confirmed ...."  Correct grammar dictates that companies are singular, not plural entities.
Never mind, most of the young journalists working today wouldn't recognise correct English grammar if it was broadcast to their smartphones.

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