Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This Ticino (Switzerland)-registered BMW wagon is still waiting for its owner to return. Stazione Centrale, Milano, Italy.

Daily driver belonging to the owner of the excellent 'Adelaide' restaurant in the fortified French hilltop town of Carcassone.

The FIAT 500 is definately making inroads in the USA. Here's a Cinquecento rental car on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Good 'ol reliable Citroen van, in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Here's a guy really pleased with his beautifully-restored Porsche 356. Montreal, Canada.

I'm guessing this Sovereign must have run out of gas a while ago. The front lawn looks terrible! Bathurst, Australia.

Here's a fellow Alfa Romeo 159 driver snapped in Pescara, Italy.

My good friend Brian on Cape Cod decided an RAF roundel was appropriate for the doors of his Spitfire!


  1. Nice surprise finding my lowly Triumph Spitfire in such august company, John. I have since fixed my errant bonnet latch. Most folks in the US ask me why I have a "target" on my car. I invite them to look at the model airplane (a Spitfire) on the bonnet. Many still look confused. That's ok. Those that get it have just increased their knowledge about their world a smidgen. Best regards to you and Yvonne, John. Mary and I will miss you both on the Noordam next month.
    Brian Nickerson

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