Wednesday, April 22, 2015


This week at the Shanghai auto show Mercedes-Benz debuted its GLC coupe, based on the latest C-Class sedan platform.

The teaser sketch featured the usual hyper-style cues common to all car designers, promising an off-roader with the lines of a coupe.

The resulting 'near-standard-production' model revealed in the metal showed that Mercedes-Benz design has come a long way since the relatively stodgy offerings from Bruno Sacco.

The Stuttgart studio is now led by Gorden Wagener, and includes fresh young talents, like Mark Fetherstone (the man responsible for the CLA sedan and the 'Diamond Grille' concept), and there's no doubt Mercedes-Benz has captured an intriguing new design language for its latest cars - but is the GLC coupe a genuine SUV?

It will feature All Wheel Drive, high-riding ground clearance and big wheels and tyres, but can it perform off road? When you look at cars like the Range Rover Evoque,

and the Mercedes-Benz GLA, GLC models you have to wonder if this is really the direction for all new Sport Utility Vehicles - as opposed to upright, somewhat stiff designs, like Range Rover and the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

What would that 4WD purist 'Spen' King think of all this?

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