Wednesday, April 8, 2015


One of the many marketing iterations designed to help sell more TR7s in the USA was the ‘Spider’ model, which came in just one color, Black, with the badging and striping kit in bold red.

My good friend Mike Cook acquired a TR7 Spider in 1986 for his wife, as a daily driver. However, just two years, and a growing daughter later, Carol Cook reluctantly sold the TR7 to a college student, named George Hughes.

The Cooks had clocked up 25,000 miles by this time, and George Hughes added another 45,000 miles driving it up and down the east coast of the USA from Florida to Ontario. He sold the car to a friend in the late 1990s.

Then, in Spring 2014 George Hughes emailed Mike Cook to tell him 'their old TR7' was listed on eBay! With four days to go Mike lodged the minimum bid, and on the final morning of the auction upped his bid, and ended up becoming the 7th owner of the Spider!

From the third owner to the seventh, the TR7 was home. Mike had to spend some dollars rejuvenating the old girl, but at 85,000 miles it runs well and provides Mike with a very nostalgic driving experience, especially heart-warming after he lost his wife a few years back, and now thinks Carol would be pleased to see the TR7 Spider back in the Cook garage in New Jersey.
Mike Cook and his Spider at a Vintage Triumph Rally in North Carolina

I love car stories with a happy ending. Good on you Mike! Enjoy!


  1. Great story, Always liked the TR7

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  3. Bought one exactly like it brand new in Charleston SC 1980 miss that spider

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