Thursday, July 23, 2015


FIAT's new sportscar, based on the new Mazda MX5 (Miata) will most likely debut at the IAA in Frankfurt in September.

Although based Mazda's stylish new MX5, it's believed FIAT has created all-new body panels to set it apart from the Japanese donor car. I've reproduced some 'artist impression' images collected from various sources on the web, but who knows what FIAT'S Centro Stile will produce.

Remember this car began life as an Alfa Romeo, until Sergio Marchionne dictated that all new Alfa Romeos would be built in Italy.

So we will see the FIAT 124 Spider in two guises - a 'tame' version and an Abarth version wearing the famous Scorpion badge.

Both models will be powered by a turbocharged version of FIAT'S 'Multi-Air' 1.4L engine, producing around 115kW.

1964 FIAT 124 Spider

The car's famous 60s antecedent was a very popular car, especially in the USA, and FIAT has big hopes for the brand in America, following very successful sales of the FIAT 500.
Cinquecento on Martha's Vineyard, USA

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