Friday, October 6, 2017


DRIVING & LIFE has been cruising the oceans wide in a sort of radio silence. I decided to take just my Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, as I only needed to check emails and post the occasional story.

Trouble is, despite careful investigations (below the waterline??), the Samsung tablet, using Google's Android software, and having a Blog site hosted by Google, you simply cannot post on your blog using this piece of hardware.

It started out looking like a cumbersome task, then simply became impossible!

First, Google puts you through the hoops just signing on; then even if you can create a post, you can't publish it - and as for inserting photos into the post, well - forget it!

After extensive research during my periods of frustration, I have decided that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is only good for emails and Kindle reading, so I am acquiring a Microsoft Surface Pro for my travelling posts, and backing up photos. It's the superior choice over and above Android tablets and iPads.

Back in the office now, so more to follow.

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