Saturday, October 21, 2017


I find rugged coastlines a magnetic attraction, despite the vicious currents, which often swirl at the base of their cliffs. None more so than a picture-perfect location about an hour south of San Francisco - the romantically-named Half Moon Bay.

Leafing through a lifestyle magazine recently I came across this aerial view of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at Half Moon Bay.

It immediately evoked memories of the many events I was privileged to host in this unique location.

In August 2003 a small, select group of influential American journalists attended a preview of the Bentley Continental GT coupe, complete with swirling mist and chilly temperatures – yes, even in the Californian summer.

Eventually, the small fire pit became very popular during the pre-dinner drinks.

Then in 2004 we previewed the Bentley Azure convertible to a group of specialist automotive writers.

A year later the clapboarded hotel at Half Moon Bay was also the scene of a party to show off the Bentley Continental Flying Spur sedan.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel (top) and the view of the coastline to the north (centre), and the southern view (bottom) - a very evocative location, even in a storm.
It is of course, a luxurious five-star hotel situated on a magnificent promontory on a very rugged section of America’s west coast blasted by gales and, equally, wafted by breezes from the Gulf Stream.

The Ritz-Carlton boasts a magnificent, although windswept, golf course, but is also a place where you can park yourself in the lounge with a magazine, book or newspaper and pass the time time soaking up a pleasant ambience.

With my dear friend, the late Patrick Paternie,
at the Ritz-Carlton
Such is the appeal and status of the Bentley brand, it’s important to identify complimentary locations to showcase the cars, and the Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay is a very pleasant place to create just the right atmosphere to introduce a new Bentley.

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