Friday, March 15, 2019


Probably what we should expect, but Ricciardo's first day on the Albert Park circuit at the 2019 AGP in his new Renault F1 saw him log the 17th fastest time. Okay, it's early days and I'm sure you'll pardon me for being patriotic, but of course I'd love to see Danny cause an upset to the natural order of things (Mercedes-Ferrari-Red Bull).

In an interview with The Age's Michael Lynch, Danny says he's prepared to work towards an AGP win, and a World Championship, however long it takes. His honesty and candour is refreshing, and in Michael's interview you can taste the energy and enthusiasm he projects.

However, in Melbourne it's only Day One and I'm sure all the teams learned a lot about the track, the appropriate tyres and their aero settings. Everbody cuts the mustard on Sunday, and it will be fun to watch what happens between now and then.


  1. I think he knows he wont be a F1 Champion, so he is milking the $$$$, good on him, he is MILES better than Webber and as fast as the best but not at renault

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