Monday, April 30, 2012

Driven Personalities - Tony Hogg & David E. Davis jnr

It has been my great honour and pleasure to be good friends with two of the greatest automotive magazine editors I have met in my 40 years in the car business. Sadly both have passed away.

Back in 1980 I met the then Editor of America's ROAD & TRACK magazine, Tony Hogg in Australia. Later I travelled to Newport Beach, California to spend time with Tony and his family, and I took this shot in May 1981 of Tony at the wheel of his beloved Kougar. This was a US-built low volume sports car with a fabricated body over Jaguar XK-120 mechnicals.

In 1990 I became good friends with the legendary founding editor of AUTOMOBILE magazine, the great David E. Davis jnr. He was a larger than life character with a great fund of anecdotes and a terrific Roladex of friends around the world. He accompanied me on many media events, and this photo was taken at Ackergill, Scotland in July 2002 having a fine single malt around the campfire to celebrate the launch of the Bentley Continental GT.

David is checking in with his lovely wife Jeannie in Ann Arbour, Michigan.


  1. Did you know the writer known as "Joe Gutts" who used to write for Science & Mechanics Magazine? Who was/is he?

  2. I am not sure if he was always the same person, but Richard “Dick” Demske was Joe Gutts when I was younger. He was my father’s writing partner. Sometimes my father, L. Donald “Dutch” Meyers helped write some of the articles. Dick was from Buffalo, NY originally and later moved to the New York area. His brother was president of Canisius College in Buffalo for many years. Dick and Dutch wrote many books and articles under a variety of psuedonymns.

  3. Hi Kris - This is Mike Demske (son of Joe Gutts). I stumbled on your comment above while searching the internet for any scraps about my Dad. I'm 65 now, and living in Northern California. I remember your Mom and Dad from decades ago in Buffalo. How is the Meyers clan these days? Take care - Mike