Monday, April 30, 2012

Driven Personalities - Tony Hogg & David E. Davis jnr

It has been my great honour and pleasure to be good friends with two of the greatest automotive magazine editors I have met in my 40 years in the car business. Sadly both have passed away.

Back in 1980 I met the then Editor of America's ROAD & TRACK magazine, Tony Hogg in Australia. Later I travelled to Newport Beach, California to spend time with Tony and his family, and I took this shot in May 1981 of Tony at the wheel of his beloved Kougar. This was a US-built low volume sports car with a fabricated body over Jaguar XK-120 mechnicals.

In 1990 I became good friends with the legendary founding editor of AUTOMOBILE magazine, the great David E. Davis jnr. He was a larger than life character with a great fund of anecdotes and a terrific Roladex of friends around the world. He accompanied me on many media events, and this photo was taken at Ackergill, Scotland in July 2002 having a fine single malt around the campfire to celebrate the launch of the Bentley Continental GT.

David is checking in with his lovely wife Jeannie in Ann Arbour, Michigan.

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  1. Did you know the writer known as "Joe Gutts" who used to write for Science & Mechanics Magazine? Who was/is he?