Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Recently I was trawling my extensive photo library, and filed in an obscure folder I found this quite wonderful memory from the last Concours I attended at Amelia Island in 2006, the year I retired from Bentley Motors North America.

I sent the photo on to Amelia Founder, Chairman, and my good friend, Bill Warner. I will post his response below, and bittersweet the memories were too.

Ken  Gross, writer;  Edward Herrmann, distinguished actor; Michael Lamm, writer;  Bill Brodrick, “The Hat Man”;  Peter Egan, writer R&T;  Keith Crain, publisher ;  Steve Roby, McLaren Engineer;, Jack Telnack, Designer;  Leo Levine, writer (died last week)  David E. Davis, Jr…..simply the best;  Johnnny Rutherford, 23 time Indy winner; Steve Pasteiner, Designer; Christian Phillipsen, raconteur; Peter Bryant, Shadow engineer, Bill Spoerle, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Bobby Unser, 3 time Indy winner; John Herlitz, Designer, Chrysler Corp.; Linda Sharp, racer;  William Jeanes; author, writer , publisher R&T and Car and Driver; Peter Brock, designer, engineer, racer;  Gus Ehrmann, Bonneville Record Holder (MG Special), Denise McCluggage, author, writer, racer;  Tim Considine, actor and automotive writer; Peter Egan, writer R&T;  Matt Stone , author , editor Motor Trend; Brian Redman, 4 time world endurance champion;  Chuck Queener, artist;  Tom Kowaleski, PR Chrysler Corp and GM;  Risch Ceppos, writer and racer;   Brock Yates, author, writer, racer.


John, sincerely, thanks for the memories.

Lots of good friends in this photo, and I am missing them all - those who've passed, and those who are still here, but due to COVID running rampant in America, I will never see again.

John Crawford

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