Wednesday, October 12, 2022


Ongoing surveys of potential EV buyers make it clear that EVs have not, so far, achieved the breakthrough in the community's consciousness envisaged by their proponents.

Recent market research in the UK and USA by market forecaster Juniper Research revealed that 62% of UK respondents, and 66% of US respondents to a survey about EV ownership said that the barriers to purchase were that the vehicles were too expensive, battery life was not long enough, and operating costs during ownership were too vague.

Current data shows that EV penetration worldwide has still not risen above 4%, and confirms the belief of many transportation forecasters that broad community acceptance and ownership of EVs will not be achieved by 2050.


However, rather than continue to repeat an old story, I must include the final take-away from the survey with this quote by one of the research partners, which takes the prize for stating the bleeding obvious:

“Vehicle manufacturers must invest in battery technology; focusing on performance improvement and range extension, while decreasing cost. This will facilitate lower production costs, enabling electric vehicles to offer a more competitive value proposition versus internal combustion engine vehicles.” 

Well, Duh! Right there, is the summation of all the problems preventing EV domination.

This graph and insight from Resources For The Future (RFF) supports Juniper's USA survey findings:


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