Saturday, October 25, 2014


Much of the intimacy which writers and readers of Blogs share and enjoy comes from individual texts containing thoughts, experiences, ideas and opinions. Equally, much of the pleasure is also derived from how the Blog is illustrated. I think that more than anything establishes the Blog’s personality.
In most cases these will often be highly personal photographs, showing people, places, things, and of course ‘other stuff’.
As far as Driving and Life is concerned most of the photos I use are those I took myself, but I freely admit to grabbing a photo from sources like Google Images when I need to illustrate a point for which I do not have a suitable shot.
A good friend of mine in Sydney, who is an outstanding photographer in his own right, plucks wonderful shots from his extensive archive, and as well he manages to take impeccable portrait shots during his global travels. Most times, they are just ordinary people going about daily tasks. I always tell him; “You have a good eye for a great photo op.”
Despite interesting stories behind the photos, the photos are always the highlights. Especially, in my opinion, his people photos.
Check out his blog because you will be impressed. <>
In my case, the reader will recognize I’m ostensibly a ‘car guy’ so Driving and Life is mostly littered with car pix. However, I too have enjoyed extensive travels around the world, and I began combing my collection for some ‘people shots’, which boast a bit more personality than a static car photo.
So here’s a selection from my candid camera:
Just texting the girlfriend (Aix-en-Provence, France)

Just Married (Venezia, Italy)
Quintet de Tango (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Managing gondola traffic (Venezia, Italy)
The clergy is clearly 'not the shot' (Lucca, Italy)

Ice cream and a drink (Amalfi, Italy)


"And, another thing wrong with Berlusconi ...." (Padova, Italy)

Just catching up .... (Samos, Greece)

A Tasty Welcome (Barcelona, Spain)

"Don't look now, here comes another American!" (Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey)
Another selection in the next post

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