Saturday, October 4, 2014

One Season Down, Now There's Next Year

The Bentley Motors M-Sport team's participation in the 2014 Blancpain Series ended up with a very wet final round at the Nurburgring, with Bentley finishing second in both the Drivers' and Manufacturers' series.

The team also enjoyed good results in its series in the USA, and has announced the team will also compete in China in 2015.

I suppose second place, in such a hotly-contested series with some pretty slick opposition, is not a bad result for year one. At least you get to measure the strength of your competitors, before you front the grid for next year.

On balance, to present an all-new race car under the glare of the world motorsport spotlight and bring home dual second place championship finishes is an auspicious outcome - but it does highlight that it's tough at the top level of competition, and to claim ultimate victory you need a good bank manager!

Good thing Volkswagen AG is footing the bill, and Dr. Ferdinand Piech LIKES to win!

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