Wednesday, February 9, 2022

AUSSIE EV SALES 2021 by John Crawford

The data is in, and there are a couple of surprises in the choice of EVs made by Australians last year.

And all this, despite no government incentives to buy EVs, in fact no subsidies whatsoever - which I guess vindicates my position on the EV market - that the Australian government should definitely NOT use taxpayer's money to subsidise the sale of EVs.

Let EVs find their own level in the market place and take no notice of anyone with a vested interest in selling EVs, that the Australian government should join 'farsighted' nations like Norway. Norway's electrical grid is almost entirely dominated by hydro-electric power, and by global standards, it's a tiny market.

Market leader - no surprise there was the Tesla Model 3. It is now the only Tesla EV available in Australia, but its sales keep rising dramatically, as the sales chart reveals.

In 2021 20,665 EVs were sold Down Under, which is a big jump from a year ago, and EVs now hold 2.7% of the total market. That's big change in just twelve months, with just 6900 EVs finding new Aussie owners in 2020 - for a market share of a paltry 0.7% of total Australian car sales!

For me, the big surprise was that the Porsche Taycan, outsold the Hyundai Kona! The Kona, which will disappear this year, to be replaced by the Ioniq, is affordable whilst the Taycan is affordable only to a select few - with the big bucks.

I'm certainly not planning to buy an EV anytime soon. The reason being, the only EV I truly enjoyed driving was the Porsche Taycan Turbo S - and I just don't happen to have AUD$390,000+ lying around in any form. If you've never driven an EV, don't sample the Taycan - it will spoil you for any other choice.

The Taycan is the bee's knees believe me.


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