Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 I guess AUD$208,000 for an Audi RS Q8 might seem like chump change when you're comparing it to AUD$390,000 for a Lamborghini Urus; or even more for a Bentley Bentayga - but if you're floating around that elevated and ethereal sector of the high-end SUV market (and I was with you), then I would be making a beeline for my local Aston Martin dealer to put down a deposit on a DBX.

Indeed, as have a surprising number already, considering it will not hit the Australian market until early 2021. And, those early adopters only had a vague idea of the size of the cheque they'd be writing. RRP, plus on-road costs suggest it would be AUD$395,000.

However, having just scored an early opportunity to sample the one and only DBX in the country, I can understand why this premium, luxury SUV has stolen a few hearts - and minds.

It is a simply divine design externally, and the interior finish is so beautifully-crafted that I think it really is the stand-out example of how to do a high-end SUV, which reflect the aspirations of its sports car siblings.

I take my hat off, again, to Marek Reichman and his talented design team. This car is beautifully executed.

My short time in the DBX came courtesy of one of the most-committed Aston Martin sales representatives I have met. 

James Read, from Sunshine Aston Martin on the Queensland Gold Coast, is friendly, seriously well-informed about the product, respectful of the history of the marque, and in my opinion is probably, almost solely responsible for the number of advance orders taken for the state of Queensland.

He tells me the dealership is holding 17 orders for the sunshine state! The initial allocation for Queensland was 10, and the success of the customer preview program has surprised even Aston Martin management.

So, if you are in this rarified air, and looking for something which will not only be a standout in a crowded field; but also a dream to drive, I would seriously consider checking out the potential delivery dates for 2021.

Mind you, with Aston Martin's new DBX production operation in St. Athans suffering like every other carmaker thanks to the dreaded COVID19, it could be a long wait.

But, let me whisper in your shell pink ear: "It will be worth it."

John Crawford

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