Sunday, September 26, 2021


Hitting the spotlight in its home town, BMW revealed a truly innovative attempt to make an EV completely out of recycled materials, and wait, there’s more – the car itself is 100% recyclable!

The BMW i Vision Circular EV may be a bit of a mouthful, but the guiding philosophy is succinct and from the results, also entirely straightforward. The plan is to ensure materials are completely re-used, rather than discarded.


The design for the city car is striking both inside and out, and whilst the concept car is not a ‘runner’, there’s no reason to believe it couldn’t be. Despite the adventurous aims, there’s a lot of current high-tech mixed with sustainable practices.

Many interior components can be printed by 3D printers, because 3D printing results in less wastage. Whatever waste is left, can also be put back into the manufacturing process as raw material.

BMW is also partnering with companies like BASF and ALBA Group to incorporate recycled plastics. The batteries are solid state cells produced by recycling battery materials, and BMW says it uses no rare earth metals in the powertrain.

Despite the ‘new kidney’ grille being lampooned all over the world, the i Vision Circular is daring, good-looking and loaded with new thinking.

Well done BMW, the company is truly showing leadership in a field not currently being talked about by any other car maker.


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