Wednesday, June 14, 2017


There's no doubting the credentials of Audi's latest S5 coupe, but if 110 Grand-plus is not your idea of value, then set your sights on a different xmas tree. This one still has subtle bling, hi-tech and hi-fi, but comes with a more affordable pricetag.

Enter the A5 2.0L TFSI Quattro.

The 180kW TFSI produces more than adequate power, and when matched to the 7-speed DCT auto and quattro, it still offers a surefooted stance for high speed handling.

Inside you get the swish, squashed steering wheel, touchscreen, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, hi-tech driver aids and leather seating for four. Plus Audi delivers subtle and sophisticated interior design, which creates a superb ambience. For all this flash and dazzle you pay just AUD$81,500 - that's real value.

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