Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Here's a link to one of the most enjoyable automotive videos I've seen recently.

It's a guy called Johnny Lieberman, hosting MOTOR TREND magazine's video platform, IGNITION, driving a DB11 through the canyons north of Los Angeles - stopping only to pick up race driver, Justin Bell (yes, son of my dear friend, Derek Bell).

Just like his famous dad, Justin has won Le Mans, and in addition he's a thoroughly nice bloke.

Lieberman's narrative is honest, but fair, and he doesn't attempt to make out that the DB11 is the best GT coupe in the world.
He acknowledges its competitors and their strengths, but his enthusiasm for the Aston Martin is palpable and dissarming, and their in-car conversation is very entertaining.

After cruising through the canyons, the DB11 is off to the long circuit at Willow Springs Raceway, known as 'BIG WILLOW'.

Where it's over to the winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona, Randy Pobst, to set a fast lap of Big Willow.

It's great video, in high definition, very enlightening, and fun to watch.

If this production doesn't prompt you to put the DB 11 on your bucket list, after you win LOTTO, I don't know what would.

It's an achingly beautiful car and the performance, fit, finish and appeal is exceptional.

Here's the link to Episode 170, cut and paste this into your browser:


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