Tuesday, July 20, 2021


 If you regularly follow DRIVING & LIFE, you will no doubt notice inconsistencies in the on-screen formatting, such as Large type for most of the Post, then it may break out into Extra Large type.

There is nothing I can do about this, except keep an eye on the Posts, and correct the inconsistencies.

It's all down to Google and how it manages the Blogger platform formatting, and this aspect has only come about over the past year.

Google has made it harder and harder to use its Blogger platform, and mysteriously slides these inconsistencies into your Posts when you're not looking.

I would seriously consider moving my Blog to another platform, like Wordpress, but according to what I read, that platform has its own set of challenges for users.

Also, as I have been publishing DRIVING & LIFE since mid-2010, I have so much material on Blogger it would be very time consuming to move all the content elsewhere.

Perhaps, the only alternative may be to move my Domain to a website funded by me, which I then would have complete control over.

However, given that I turn 78 this week, and feel as though I have less and less to comment on (not liking SUVs, autonomous vehicles, BEVs and sundry automotive minutiae leaves me less to discuss), I think I will just stay with the Blogger platform - hope for your indulgence, about my self-indulgent Blog.

I guess 'forcing' me to ensure the Blog appears with consistent formatting is probably a good way for this old fart to retain open neural pathways and avoid the onset of the dreaded dimentia.

Thanks for your support.


PS: See, it even happened in this short Post which contains no photos!


  1. Hey John, as a long time admirer and fan of your blog, including the other contributors of recent times, I know your frustration. I also have used blogger for some time and been frustrated by how a simple post can be difficult. I have found one way to fix the inconsistent text formatting is, when in post edit mode, clicking on the icon/button which has a T crossed out which "clears formatting". If you can't see it in your toolbar, click the "More options" button and it may appear.

    So finish your post, in edit mode highlight all the text, then press the "clear formatting" button. Works for me.

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